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Mattress Cleaning

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We spend about one third of our entire lives laying horizontally on a mattress, and in addition to the 1/2 pint of sweat we expire every night, mattresses can harbour thousands of bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites and a variety of general dirt that can play havoc to those with skin conditions, allergies and asthma.


According to the website '', in two years a mattress will have seen 5110 hours of sleep resulting in 245 litres of sweat, three kilograms of dead skin and about 1.5 million dust mites - each producing approx. 2,000 fecal particles!


The mattress cleaning provided by Pro Carpet Cleaning is one of the most effective ways to ensure that all these 'nasties' that we're sleeping on every night are removed.


Benefits of Mattress Cleaning include:

  • Removes dead skin, dirt and dust

  • Kills dust mites, bed bugs, germs and bacteria

  • Neutralises allergens

  • Destroys mould, pollen and spores

  • Neutralises odours
  • Produces a hygienic and sanitised mattress

Discounts are available if booking for more than one mattress or other cleaning services delivered at the same time.


All our carpet cleaners are fully insured and we offer a complete money back guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied. Starting from as little as £25, contact us today for a free quote for mattress cleaning in your area.

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